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smileyseeds ([personal profile] smileyseeds) wrote2017-02-04 11:23 pm

Where The Outsiders Fit

You find yourself in that very familiar situation, which you've faced and know even before you experience it. You just know that no matter what, you'll always end up solo. Sometimes, it's for the better.

God created us, and bestowed a small few with a gift. As social creatures, we all feel to need to fit in somewhere. One question many youths come across is the classic: Where Do I Fit In?

To heck with fitting in!

We were all created to be different in many ways and we're not the same snowflakes. But, somewhere in the most narrow crevices of the social forest, is a spot where WE, as the misfits belong.

We're a group made by nature. We were meant to happen for this specific reason: To meet somebody like yourself. So when you ask yourself again where you belong, look around for other isolants, and become friends.

Remember to always keep an open book for more lost people. The best part about this sub-clique is that it's open to anybody!