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You find yourself in that very familiar situation, which you've faced and know even before you experience it. You just know that no matter what, you'll always end up solo. Sometimes, it's for the better.

God created us, and bestowed a small few with a gift. As social creatures, we all feel to need to fit in somewhere. One question many youths come across is the classic: Where Do I Fit In?

To heck with fitting in!

We were all created to be different in many ways and we're not the same snowflakes. But, somewhere in the most narrow crevices of the social forest, is a spot where WE, as the misfits belong.

We're a group made by nature. We were meant to happen for this specific reason: To meet somebody like yourself. So when you ask yourself again where you belong, look around for other isolants, and become friends.

Remember to always keep an open book for more lost people. The best part about this sub-clique is that it's open to anybody!
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Being bad is overrated. I see it in movies, I see it in books, I see it on social media. Us 'angels' are overlooked. We're known as the introverts, the ones who just prefer to see the world from a monitor, or your phone. I feel that being a good girl has a major impact on your life--good and bad. It sets up a high chance of succeeding school, and a poor chance in finding dates.

The pain is oh too real, and the reality of actually getting a guy is too good to be true.

Sure you are attractive. You are sweet at heart also, and that's way more important. You are likable. But the problem is the shyness.

You like a guy you barely know. He might like you too, but it's a fifty fifty chance.

Homecoming and prom devastates you because you feel like a last destination.

Maybe it's not the shyness. Never blame yourself and your personality for not getting a guy.

I think God has assorted certain plans for certain girls. Girls like us. The angels of this world. The ones that are just as invisible as real angels.

And maybe men can see that. You are not an ordinary woman who accepts any sleazy kisses or out of wedlock stuff.

You are real treasure, who deserves a gentleman. So being the good apple, is actually a good thing. Maybe you won't get your first boyfriend until college, but never feel you won't ever.

Cause God has it covered!
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As a freshman, I'm really digging deep in the recesses of my soul for what makes me stand out. Naturally, I'm an introverted introvert, lol!

Which is what makes the Internet and this blogging site my best friend, along with other underrated social medias. Personally, I really wish Pinterest got more attention. But in another way, I don't because it would take away what made it so special to me and plenty others.

It was the third week of school or so when I decided to start a little trend for myself to express my chill, mermaid obsessed, spacy personality.

Mom had swept back my bangs, bringing out my hidden eyebrows. That's when I thought I could give them an upgrade. So I took an eye shadow palette, and tested out many colors.

Ones that failed for my complexion were reds, oranges, and yellows. The black hairs dominated and seemed to just engulf them. However, I had a strong love for how dark skin seemed to just mix well with blue. So exotic.

When I applied my first sample of blue, a teal shade, it worked. I walked around the school for about a week to see how many would react. Not many noticed, or even cared for that matter. Dad seriously believed they'd be bullying me for it, but in this day and time, why would they? Dying your hair of any location is normal now.

Head hair, eyelash hair, nose hair, you name it!
Most important fact was that I was doing this for ME. Not for the approval of others. I was never popular, and never really wanted to aim in that direction. One or two friends is really enough for a person to survive in this world.

After a while, I began to grow tired of the color, and moved on from greenish blue to turquoise. That looked much more vivid and brighter, and I fell in love again. They really matched my galaxy shirts!

However, picture day rolled around by the fifth week and dyed hair was absolutely banned! I was lucky to have only temporarily tinted my eyebrows using eye shadow and mascara. Others actually changed it. My only advice for them was to wear a wig I guess, or dyed weaves to protect the real hair underneath without damaging it.

Not too long after pictures, the blue period ended, and I entered mostly blacks to match my hair. My parents say this is all a phase. When I'm 20, and I look back on this year, I might call this the "Eyebrolor Era".


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